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About Us


The Salsamenteria di Parma is the surprise in the range of typical Parma products, unique yet famous throughout the world.
The name, Salsamenteria, evokes the simple flavors of a distant, but neither lost or forgotten, past, because it isreproposed on our premises to celebrate the miracle of Parma cuisine.
In fact, the first and oldest Salsamenteria, emerged a long time ago as a simple workshop for the sale of the typical cured meats from the Parma area.
At that time, in the Salsamenteria you could buy freshly baked bread, homemade sauces with garden vegetables and the typical dishes prepared by the housewife in the kitchen.
Customers take their places at the table, to enjoy, at their absolute best, exquisite traditional dishes served with the classical china bowl of lambrusco.
This is how the Salsamenteria comes to us today, as a Parmesan trattoria, found from Milan to Paris, from Cannes to Prague; because the cuisine of the Salsamenteria di Parma exports the model of the precious Parmesan tradition all over the World.
A lengthy cultural journey to the land of those prestigious products that cannot be missed in the convivial experience of every foodie.
The Salsamenteria di Parma tells the story of the land of Parma, formerly the capital of an enlightened Duchy and still today the sublime capital of good taste at the table.
 The same table. The same tavern. The same Salsamenteria