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The franchise is our main system of development.
It is important to note that the appointing of the franchise brand is very selective, because the venue run by the future franchisee will have to be appropriate and in line with the image projected by those managed directly by us.
Our franchisee will face a training course and, as our director, will be subject to various moments of verification.
Only later if the candidate is suitable to manage a local Salsamenteria di Parma will he or she be able to obtain a certification that allows them to become our franchisee.
Training requires a commitment of about 3-6 months within our chain of restaurants.


Locali gestiti da noi

In alcune città italiane ed europee e in posizioni di rilievo, potremmo essere interessati alla gestione diretta di locali destinati a diventare Salsamenterie di Parma. Quindi, se sei proprietario o affittuario di un immobile adeguato e con le caratteristiche adatte alla ristorazione, con una superfice non inferiore ai 150 mq, contattaci, potremmo farlo diventare la prossima Salsamenteria di Parma.